Hyderabad to host conference on medical tourism

Date: 31 Mar 2016 | Leave a comment

Hyderabad:  Eight countries, including the US and Britain, will take part in the Indian medical tourism conference in Hyderabad next month.

Indian Medical Tourism Conference and Alliance 2012 (IMTCA 2012), an international conference dedicated to promoting medical tourism in India, will be held on Nov 2-3.

i-Transition Worldwide (I) Pvt. Limited and ONE HealthCare Worldwide, US are organising the conference, which will see countries like US, Britain, France, Turkey, Thailand, Philippines, Dubai and Fiji participating.

Varsha Lafargue, Founder and Chairperson, IMTCA and i-Transition Worldwide said the conference would have sessions on global healthcare and the focus would be on positioning Hyderabad as medical tourism hub in India.

"This conference aims to provide a common platform to all the healthcare, tourism industry professionals to exchange and know the best practices from across the world and position Indian healthcare to raise its standard to command a larger revenue share of this multi-billion dollar industry," she said.

Brent McCallum, assistant professor, Zayed University, David G. Vequist, Founder and Director, Centre for Medical Tourism Research, Michael Guiry, a senior fellow at the centre, and Guru N. Reddy, Founder and Chairman of Continental Hospitals will be among the speakers at the conference, which is being supported by Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FAPCCI).



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