‘Siddha, Ayurved docs can practice modern medicine’

Date: 30 Mar 2016 | Leave a comment

Chennai: The Madras High Court has ruled that registered practitioners of Siddha, Ayurveda, homoeopathy and unani were qualified to practice modern scientific medicine, including surgery, anaesthesiology and ENT among others.

Justice F M Ibrahim Kalifulla, closing a contempt petition by the Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Graduates Association, also said penal action against such practitioners for practising modern medicine should be "dropped forthwith."

The Judge took note of a June 29 circular of the Tamil Nadu government, which, citing section 17(3)B of the Indian Medicine Central Council Act 1970, said institutionally qualified practitioners of Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani and Homoeopathy were eligible to practise the respective system with modern scientific medicine "including surgery and obstetrics and gynaecology, anaesthesiology, ENT, etc based on the training and teaching."

The yesterday`s ruling runs contrary to an order delivered by another Judge of the court in February last on a petition by two Unani practitioners who sought similar relief.

In February this year, Justice K K Sasidharan had held that practitioners of Indian system of medicines should not practise Allopathy, and that there was nothing wrong if police took action against those who attempt to practice Allopathy without valid qualification.


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